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Waltonian Angling Club

The Waltonian Angling Club (WAC) was formed in 1909 as a Sheffield Angling Club. The club became a limited company in 1956 and since then has been administered by a group of elected members forming the Board of Directors.  The aim of the club is to promote the sport and pastime of angling in all its branches and to encourage social interaction between the members. 

The ethos of the club is to provide top quality mixed discipline fishing for our members at an affordable annual fee, with the minimum of rules and regulations. Our members have the privilege of fishing several venues in Derbyshire and on the Trent.


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Our Venues

We are privileged to own or have access to venues in North Derbyshire including the trout and grayling on the rivers Derwent, Dove and Lathkill: reservoir fishing for trout at Ladybower and mixed course fishing at Hassop Hall and Wingfield Manor. We have also got fishing rights on the Trent and own a coarse pond at Carlton-on-Trent.




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